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The only dating site where you decide who gets in.

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Will you make the cut?

The only dating site where you decide who gets in.

Exclusive Australian Dating with Attractive World

  1. Be exclusive

    Attractive World members pick the people they want to see in this exclusive community. Once you're in, you can decide who joins too! With great power comes great responsibility...

  2. Be serious

    A serious dating site for singles who aren't just looking for a casual date. Chat, mingle and meet members who, like you, are looking for a real relationship.

  3. Be safe

    While you think about who you want to date, we think about your safety. We use manual profile verification, SSL encryption and fraud detection systems to keep you secure online.


Let's shake up online dating in Australia

Let's face it - it's not easy to meet someone who ticks all your boxes. That's why we're giving you a say. Attractive World is Australia's first peer-approved dating site that lets you decide who joins the community. We’re shaking up online dating in Australia by building a community of Aussies looking for lasting relationships.

Getting started with us is simple; all you have to do is create a standout profile and submit it to our community for approval. If you make the cut, you'll have the chance to search for single men and women who, like you, are committed to finding love.


Let's meet like-minded people

Who knows what you want better than you? Attractive World is helping Australian singles to find true love. We're firm believers in the idea that success in life and love stems from meeting the right people.

So, join an exclusive community of Aussies, all ready to take the next step in online dating. All you have to do is create a standout profile and get ready to be judged - but don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds...

Attractive World Success Stories

Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

So, how can you take the first step in finding the right person for you on Australia's premier dating site? It's simple! Once you've clicked that "Lets go!" button just up there in the right hand corner, you'll have the chance to tell us some interesting things about you.

For the best chance of being voted into the community of Aussie singles, make sure you include your personal details and dating preferences. Don't forget to upload a dazzling profile photo to show off your best side.


Introducing our Australian Members

From Sydney to Perth, Gold Coast to Melbourne, wherever you are, find other like-minded Aussies looking for a serious relationship. We're available on your desktop, laptop, mobile

- wherever you need us - to find you the most interesting (and attractive!) people in the area. So, as the saying goes, if you're "single and ready to mingle," we've got you covered.

Attractive World

Inside Attractive World

Discover how Attractive World can help you find love; offering serious online dating to our exclusive community of users, find out all you need to know about us!

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Our Blog

Full of expert tips to help you tackle the dating game, our blog is the place to read the latest dating advice! From practical tips to date ideas, we've got you covered!

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Online Dating

Online dating with Attractive World gets you involved with the community spirit of dating! Find out more about our members and what to expect after you join right here...

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Local Dating

True love could be right under your nose! Find out more about dating with Attractive World in a city near you on our local dating advice pages right here...

Customer Care

Stay Happy

To ensure the integrity of our members, each Attractive World profile is manually verified by our customer care team before being voted in by our Australia-wide dating community.

Our committed team are also on hand to assist with any technical or personal questions you may have concerning our dating site.

A Safe and Secure Dating Site

A Safe and Secure Dating Site

Keeping your data safe is our priority. All the information you submit is strictly confidential and handled with utmost care. Using security protocols like Manual Profile Verification,

SSL Encryption, and Fraud Detection Systems ensure that the Aussie singles using our dating site are legitimate.

Dating in Australia with Attractive World

By joining Attractive World, you’re entering a carefully-curated community of successful, interesting and relationship-minded Aussie singles, all of whom are actively searching for meaningful connections. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane,

Attractive World’s nationwide presence means that you can feel confident finding Australian singles close by. Our local dating advice pages are there to assist you with any online dating queries you may have, so you can focus on finding the perfect partner!