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17 moments that anyone dating in 2018 will recognise

by AW Editorial

Dating in 2018? Then you'll have lived at least one of these dating moments. From when you first see their profile photo to when you meet them in real life, these dating gifs will make you say 'SAME!''

1. When you see an online dating profile that you really like:

[gif]  Adventure Time Ice King eyebrows gif

Source: Adventure Time/Cartoon Network via

2. When you ask the group chat for their opinions

[gif]  dating in 2017  - Ask the squad

Source: Fake Off/TruTV via

3. When you can’t think what to write in your first message

[GIF] dating in 2017 - dont know what to write

Source: Star Trek/NBC via

4. When you wonder if it would be better said with emojis

[Gif] dating in 2017 sending emoji

Source: Grace and Frankie/Netflix via

5. When you end up just going with ‘hi’

[GIF] dating in 2017 first message

Source: Buffy/The WB amd UPN via

6. When they actually reply to your hi

[Gif] dating in 2017 reply to message

Source: Jersey Shore/MTV via

7. When you’re nervous about suggesting you meet offline

[GIF] dating in 2017 nervous about date

Source: Bridesmaids/Universal Pictures via

8. When they say yes to a first date

[GIF] dating in 2017 yes to a date

Source: Grease/Paramount Pictures via

9. When you research them online before you meet irl

[GIF] dating in 2017 researching their social media

Source: Modern Family/ABC via

10 When you realise you have nothing to wear so you turn to a friend

[GIF] dating in 2017 date outfit

Source: Parks and Recreation/NBC via

11. When you have your outfit planned and you’re feeling yourself

[GIF] dating in 2017 - feeling yourself

Source: Hocus Pocus/Walt Disney Studios via

12. When you practice your best flirting face in the mirror

[GIF] dating in 2017 - flirting face

Source: Cinderella/Walt Disney Productions via

13. When you have a last-minute attack of nerves and need a confidence booster

[GIF] dating in 2017 - confidence booster

Source: Inside Amy Schumer/Comedy Central via

14. When you arrive and they actually look like their profile picture

[GIF] dating in 2017 - appreciation gif

Source: Marvel's The Avengers/Marvel Studios via

15. When you can’t think of what to say as an icebreaker

[GIF] dating in 2017 - mermaids gif

Source: Keeping up with the Kardashians/E! via

16. When it turns out you have real-life chemistry

[GIF] dating in 2017 - connecting

Source: Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy/Dreamworks via

17. When you agree there'll be a second date

[GIF] dating in 2017 - happy gif

Source: 30 Rock/NBC via

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