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How to optimise your Attractive World profile

by AW Editorial

Submitting your profile to the Attractive World community? As with any dating site, you get out what you put in; be up front and open on your dating profile and our members are much more likely to take notice and get in touch.

Talking about yourself is often a complicated and delicate exercise, but you’re not here by chance! Much better to play the game and boost your chances of meeting the singles you want to meet. To help, here are some tips on optimizing your profile and making yourself stand out...

Be positive and committed

There’s seriously nothing more attractive than a person who feels comfortable in their own skin. Confidence and positivity are two incredibly powerful tools in attracting people to your profile (just be sure not to stray into overconfidence!) and getting them to contact you. Don’t forget the basics; be proud of the work you do, for example, explain your passions and interests, and show off your enthusiasm and love of life. Remember, Attractive World members are all on the search for a serious relationship, so it pays to show that you are too... no need to be too hasty though, no need to publish your ideal wedding plans on your profile!

Be honest

Lying on your profile is a massive no-no; you will be always found out eventually. But telling the truth has an even more important function: honesty allows other members to get to know the real you, invaluable if you’re going to find ‘the one’ on Attractive World, or any dating site for that matter.

Have your own opinion, and express your personality, but remain open enough to meet someone that matches you without sharing 100% of your interests or beliefs, you’ll leave the door open to beautiful surprises. Try to avoid clichés and offer specific examples… For example, if you love movies, don’t just say that you like going to the cinema - who doesn’t? Specify which kind of movies you like, directors you admire, which genres you prefer - it might just spark up an interesting conversation.

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Don’t be Shakespeare

No-one expects you to write a novel. In fact, writing too much may harm your chances; this isn’t a space to show off your literary talents, but to show who you are and what makes you a special person. At least, this is what the community will be looking for from reading your profile. Keep things simple and succinct with a single idea per sentence if possible. Try laying out your ideas on paper before organizing them to express what you want potential partners to know about you. Finally, focus not on the quantity of what you write but the quality - check for silly spelling errors and grammar mistakes, as these can give off the wrong first impression.

Make ‘em laugh… if you can!

If you’re a natural joker, don’t hesitate in including the odd joke in your profile - a good sense of humour is very sexy! Don’t feel the pressure to do this however - it won’t reflect badly on you for not including jokes, and if it doesn’t come naturally to you then you’re probably better off not forcing the issue. Bad jokes can be a real turn-off!

Instead, focus on what makes you a true original, and if that happens to include a funny anecdote or two, that’s great! It can easily make potential partners more curious to get to know more about you and can help secure you a first date.

On a dating website like Attractive World, keep in mind that you won’t necessarily click with everyone - everyone’s searching for ‘the one’, so expect some people to be picky! That said, you’ll easily attract the attention of those who are made for you, and members are sure to be drawn to you by the way you look and the character you display through writing honestly and openly about yourself.

This is why it’s important to optimize your profile and get it reflecting the real you. Feel free to share what you’ve written with a trusted friend who may be able to help if you’re struggling, but remember that only you truly know the key to your own heart. Prepare your text, save it as a draft, think about it as much as you like - as soon as you validate, you’ll open yourself up to a new world of exciting singles. Then all you have to do is wait and see who you attract…

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