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Cougar dating with Attractive World

by AW Editorial

Maybe you’re a mature woman looking for a younger man? Perhaps you’re a cub looking for a confident lady with a bit more experience? One thing’s for certain – Attractive World leads the pack when it comes to classy cougar dating. If you think age is irrelevant, read on and discover why you should make our exclusive online dating platform your number one choice.

Modern cougar dating

The very term cougar is something that’s attracted enormous hype over the last decade. Ever since Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s much-publicised relationship hit the news, cougardom has been trending. However, when Newsweek declared 2009 the “Year of the Cougar”, and subsequently prophesised its demise, they couldn’t have been more wrong - the year is 2017 and we’re still talking about age-disparate relationships.

Regardless of your chosen standpoint one overriding positive to come out of this fervent fascination is the fact that many more men and women are open to the idea of having a relationship that challenges both age and gender norms. Forget the critics; it’s a productive step in towards a less discriminatory and more equal society. Indeed, French President Emanuel Macron’s marriage to Brigitte Trogneux, a woman 24 years his senior, is testament to this progressiveness.

That said, on the back of the furore surrounding cougar dating there’s been a massive explosion of questionable dating sites, each masquerading as the best place for older women and younger men to meet. Some of these are legit. Others are most certainly not. This debacle obviously begs the question; where can you find genuine, sophisticated and likeminded singles looking to bridge the age gap? The answer is Attractive World.

Where cougars and cubs meet

So what exactly is a cougar? And by the same token, what’s a cub? Given that there are so many definitions floating about, it’s worth clearing things up once and for all. For starters, the common caricature of a middle-aged woman desperately chasing after men a third her age doesn’t wash here. Neither does the image of a buffed up young man looking for a throwaway fling with a lady who can remember a world before MP3s.

Attractive World members have bona fide intentions and expect the same standards from the singles they’re looking to meet. The single women registered with our platform are dynamic, independent and strong-minded when it comes to the qualities they demand in prospective partners. They’re fun-loving and sociable, yet still capable of juggling a busy work-life balance without getting phased by trivialities.

Driven and successful, they completely shatter the mould of a spinster prowling for someone much younger. They don’t need to have a relationship with someone their junior; they want to because they’re open-minded and looking for someone who shares their verve for living.

Conversely, Attractive Wold’s male cougar dating cohort is equally as curious. Active, intelligent and suave, they’re eager to get out and meet women who are both confident and posses a depth of character that comes with maturity. They’re also capable of looking beyond the confines of convention and want to forge a meaningful connection with a woman who’s capable of seeing the bigger picture.

Why Attractive World

There are multiple reasons as to why Attractive World stands above the rest. First off, and similar to our take on older women dating younger men, our site represents a unique and exciting breath of fresh air in the overcrowded world of online dating.

The cornerstone of our exclusive dating platform is our user-curated membership base. As we’ve mentioned, the single men and women that comprise Attractive World’s dating community are vibrant individuals who take a proactive stance towards meeting likeminded singles.

We’re one of Australia’s only dating platforms to enable its users to actively vote on the people they want admitted to their singles’ network. Though this means our application process is slightly more thoroughgoing than the norm – you have to submit an application for approval before gaining access to our site – it rubberstamps the quality and integrity of the people registered with Attractive World.

Not only does this process mean you can feel confident you’ll share things in common with the people you meet, it also ensure the singles you’ll be in touch with have already approved your application, having likely spotted something attractive about you.

On top of this Attractive World users put pride in making sure their profiles are packed with relevant and interesting information about their preferences. This saves time – you don’t have to waste away hours and hours trawling through limp dating profiles hoping to find someone standout. Instead you’re cougar dating experience will be filled with singles committed to discovering something significant.

Integrated dating

At Attractive World we offer our users a fully integrated and modern dating service. From the moment you submit your profile for approval to when you start meeting our members, we take time to make sure your experience is a seamless one. We’re fully ware that our members lead full, busy lifestyles and don’t want to have to worry about frittering away time trawling through dead-end dating sites. Our voting system effectively prevents this; instead we’ve fostered one of Australia’s most desirable dating communities, filled with engaging people.

A fresh take

Our ethos is all about being bold and leading the way. That’s why we’re one of few Aussie dating sites to actually enable our users to play a more active role in their dating experience – something that fits with their personalities too. We’re happy being trailblazers because we know our users aren’t looking for the same old scene. They want to be part of a service that’s revolutionising the way we see online dating and be put in contact with singles they share something in common with.

Getting started

So you’ve decided that you want to experience cougar dating with Attractive World. What next? The first step is to put together a dating profile and submit it. Think carefully about what you want to include and use it to showcase your qualities. Be sure to submit a dazzling profile photo too. If you’ve got writers block or don’t know how to start snapping, we’ve got a bunch of advice pages drafted up to help point you in the right direction. So, what’s stopping you? Submit your Attractive World application today - a game-changing dating experience is only a few clicks away.

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