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Asian dating and Attractive World – a better way to meet great singles

by AW Editorial

Looking for Asian dating opportunities in NZ and finding that the niche Asian dating sites aren’t up to scratch? It’s a common problem with a brand new solution: Attractive World. A dating site where users vote on who they want to join them (or not!), Attractive World is the perfect pick for attractive Kiwi singles sick of romantic time-wasting and ready for a better approach.

Asian dating in New Zealand

According to the Census, nearly 12% of Kiwis are Asian. That means the Asian dating scene should be pretty great, right? Sadly, that’s not always the case, especially where online dating is involved. So many niche Asian dating sites feel casual at best and fetishised at worst: either way, they’re not going to help if you’re looking for a genuine spark with someone you’d actually like to see more of.

Of course, like most things in life, having the right tools for the job can transform your outlook. The right site will not only avoid the sleazy implications of some Asian dating sites, it will help you connect you with ambitious, attractive Kiwi singles who share your take on life. So, where can NZ’s single professionals find such a dating community? The answer is right here, with Attractive World.

Attractive World members – who uses our site?

If you’re a single, professional man or woman between the ages of 28-40, then you’re just the type the Attractive World community is looking for. If you love your vibrant single life and want to meet someone equally charismatic to share in that happiness, even better.

Our members are successful singles looking for love, excitement, and a dating site that can live up to their high standards. That means, whether you specifically want to meet Asian singles, or whether that’s just one of many compatibility requirements, Attractive World can help you meet someone amazing.

Attractive World is a step up for online dating

So how does it work? From the outset, Attractive World is a dating site with a difference. It all starts with our members: to make sure that ours is a community of attractive, interesting Kiwis, we don’t accept just anyone. In fact, our existing users vote to see who else can join them.

This (admittedly somewhat rigorous) process pays off. Firstly, it means we attract single men and women who are proactive about looking for love. Secondly, it means that the profiles on our site are of a higher calibre than on most NZ or Asian dating sites– for the people most likely to be accepted are engaging singles with completed profiles and great photos.

Finally, our acceptance policy means you can start your time on Attractive World with confidence. After all, if you’re one of the new faces that gain admission to the site, you’ll know it’s because our current members have already noticed something intriguing about you!

Welcome to a world of completed profiles

Once you’ve been voted in by the Attractive World community, you’ll notice that there’s something different about our site – there’s a distinct lack of photo-less, mystery profiles. Instead of blank avatars, you’ll see attractive faces and completed bios.

Meet interesting, proactive men and women

You’ll also notice that the singles on our site are happier than most to get involved with sending messages. That’s because, from the get-go, Attractive World members are encouraged to take an active role in maintaining the community. This means that those who successfully join our site are sociable, they know what it takes to make an impression online, and they are happy to be proactive in their search for a partner.

We encourage this by designing our site to maximise interaction, by running regular activities designed to bring these singles together, and by filling our dating blog with the latest relationship advice and insider tips on dating in Auckland, Wellington, and beyond.

Forget niche Asian dating sites: get started on Attractive World

Frustrated with the one-dimensional quality of Asian dating sites in NZ? Want to broaden your horizons and connect with a community of attractive, fun Kiwis with more to offer? Then see if you have what it takes to join the in-crowd – sign up for Attractive World today, then read on to learn how to make the most of Asian dating in New Zealand.

Three tips for Asian dating in NZ

1. Asian singles are not a monolith

So many sites treat the Asian dating scene as if it’s one big unit, when the reality is far more diverse. New Zealand, for instance, is home to Chinese singles, Korean singles, Vietnamese singles, and Malaysian singles (to name a few), who all have unique cultural tastes. To really make the most of Asian dating, then, it pays to get specific and bond over the particular Asian heritage that matters to you – and your dating profile is the perfect place to start.

2. Asian dating can mean different things to different people

In a country as multi-cultural as New Zealand, it makes sense that Asian singles are similarly varied. That means that the term ‘Asian dating’ will mean different things to different people. For some it’s about making cultural connections and finding a partner who understands what it means to have a particular background, while for others it will be about exploring just one aspect of their Australian identity. Thus, it’s important to avoid assumptions – let your date tell you what matters to them.

3. Identify what matters most to you

It’s equally important to think about what matters to you, too. Perhaps your priorities include meeting someone from a certain Asian heritage or particular religion; perhaps they include finding someone who will love and respect family like you do. Maybe you just want a partner in crime who will be there for big nights out on the town and for cozy nights in with Netflix. If it’s important to you, it matters – so think about what you really want and don’t shy away from putting in your dating profile and messages!

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