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by AW Editorial

Looking to meet people online but tired of the same old routine? It’s high time to swipe away the redundant and embrace the new. At Attractive World we’re convinced that our platform represents the future of online dating. What’s more, our exclusive dating community is made up of interesting, dynamic and intelligent singles; are you ready to meet them?

Meet people you want to meet

It’s fascinating but perhaps not that surprising to see how the range of online dating sites have come to mirror the community they are there to serve; to put it bluntly, diverse. And unless you’ve been playing Robinson Crusoe for the last decade, you’ll probably have heard about, or are most likely part of, the millions of people turning to the web to meet someone.

There’s nothing wrong with this situation. The ease with which you can pick up your phone, spend a bit of time scanning an app and then link up with someone within a matter of hours is our time’s panacea to loneliness. It also means that you have to meet people you either end up having not much in common with, or worse, finding a bit boring.

But to be brutally honest, all that trawling and ceaseless swiping away is going to land you with sore thumbs or recurrent bouts of disappointment, potentially both. Maybe all this sounds suspiciously familiar. Perhaps it doesn’t and you’re just curious. Either way, Attractive World will change your love life for the better.

Sure, you’ve heard the same old spiel before. Why are we any different? In short, we’re one of the only Kiwi sites to actively encourage our members to build a dating community comprised of people they actually want to meet. To achieve this we enable current users to vote on whether prospective applicants should be admitted to our platform. Sound a bit harsh? There’s method to it.

An exclusive dating site

Backed with years of experience in the dating industry, we know that in order to find someone you really connect with, you need to be surrounded by the right people. You also need to be looking in the right place. Our entry process is in place to effectively ensure that these two prerequisites are met.

By allowing our members to vote on who they want to see using Attractive World, we’re able to ensure that only people with legit intentions gain access. We want our platform to be a place where interesting, intelligent and good-looking folk can meet each other. We also want you to feel completely confident that you’ll meet people who share a similar take on life... and who actually intrigue you.

Meet our members

So you want to be a member? Here’s how you could be in with a chance. Attractive World members use our service because they’re genuine when it comes to finding true love. Typically aged 28-40, they’re not looking for someone to fill a heart-shaped hole in their lives. They want to meet people who bring something additional and who share their panache for living.

Being young professionals, they really haven’t got the time to squander searching countless dating sites and ending up on dead-end rendezvous. The very reason they’re using our site is because they have exacting standards and they want to be engaged with people they’ll click with.

This means that when you come to submitting your application for approval, it’s crucial you take time to make sure it’s brimming with enticing information. It’s also important that you include a great picture of yourself. This is your time to dazzle, don’t waste it. If you’re successful, you’ll be able to message people who, having approved your application, have already seen something attractive in you. It’s that simple.

A successful application

Cobbling together an application full of wordsmithery and top-class photos sounds easy enough, right? Don’t panic, we’re not trying to catch you out. That’s why we’ve got a range of articles to help you get a better understanding of what to write and the sort of pictures you should include too.

Basically you just need to be yourself – don’t try and be something you aren’t. This means avoiding unnecessary wit (curtail the puns for a moment) and making sure you only include photos where you look gorgeous and natural!

Modern dating advice

At Attractive World we enjoy being bold and taking risks. How can a dating site be brazen, we hear you ask? The answer is by not offering you half-cut tips and being honest with you. This conviction means that we’re committed to offering you tips that will actually work when you both contact and meet people in person.

Our dating advice has been crafted by experienced experts and is crafted for people who live and breathe 21st century life. We promise you there’s not an agony aunt in sight - only upfront and actionable dating advice for dynamic people.

A secure social site

Attractive World is a social site. We actively encourage our members to meet up and forge new connections, and find long lasting love in the process. With this comes certain obligations, something we take very seriously.

We strive to make sure that you have the safest online dating experience possible. To meet this we employ a range of security protocols like Manual Profile Verification, SSL Encryption and Fraud Detection Systems to ensure that 100% of our users are who they say they are. Our Customer Care team are also on hand to assist you with any queries.

Are you ready to take the next step and register with a dating site that delivers on what you want? Submit an application to Attractive World today; real love is only a few clicks away.

AW Editorial

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